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Modern Italian Cuisine | Markus Restaurant Penang

RESTAURANT MARKUS - Modern Italian Cuisine Penang

代意大利餐,主打新的意式料理,同保留传统经典的口味。来儿用餐的感舒适,简约高雅。入座后,服务员贴心地从厨房端上了佛卡夏面包(Focaccia Bread with Balsamic Olive Oil),烤后的面包吃起来脆口,特蘸着橄油醋的香气。前菜点了一道章料理(iI Polpo),厨把腌制好的章用低温长时间的烹,以保留食材的原味,摆盘配香脆的炖饭饼,用藤蔓上的鲜红番茄点相吸引,味道也很丰富。

蘑菇Zuppa Di Funghi Tartufata)用料扎,混合大啡菇、香菇和洋菇三种菇,加入百里香等香料熬煮,入口满满的蘑菇味溢出,还带有淡淡的酒香呢。主菜蟹肉意大利面(Linguine Al Granchio)用扁面条拌蟹肉,配上伏特加特的粉汁,蟹肉的美和汁的郁混在一入口,非常美味。帕火腿猪肉(Salti In Bocca Alla Romana)是当日最,用鼠尾草为软嫩的猪腰肉味,淋上厚的蘑菇,口味很是独特。


Markus is a modern Italian restaurant which famous with their innovative and creative Italian cuisine. Although they are selling modern Italian food, they still preserve the unforgettable classic taste of Italian food. Markus is a very elegant yet comfortable restaurant located in Penang and their staff is very friendly and helpful. First, they served Focaccia Bread with Balsamic Olive Oil which is freshly baked daily. The bread is crispy in the outside and fluffy in the inside. The combination of olive and balsamic vinegar is the bomb.

For appetizer, we had ordered il Polpo which is an octopus dish. Chef use lower temperature and longer time to slowly cook the marinated overnight grilled octopus in order to preserve the taste of it. It is served with some crispy risotto, tomato-on-vined and fresh vegetables. The flavor of this dish is very rich and taste delicious. Zuppa Di Funghi Tartufata is made from 3 different mushroom which is Fresh Portobello, Shitake and Button Mushroom. Chef also adds some thyme in it to bring out the taste. Having a spoonful of the soup is like a having a mouth full of different mushroom. At the end you also can taste some mild alcohol taste which makes it extra special.

Our main dish is Linguine Al Granchio which is made from linguine, crab meat and vodka pink sauce to elevate the taste. The freshness of crab meat makes the sauce taste very good and is definitely a must try.  Salti In Bocca Alla Romana is our favorite dish of the night. The pork loin is marinated with sage and is perfectly cooked. Then it is covered with thick mushroom sauce. For dessert, we had ordered tiramisu with Amaretto. Overall we had a very good experience in Markus. The only complaint is the portion of food is really small, so you guys can order more and try different dishes. They are also kind enough to serve us a piece of cake as complimentary since we are celebrating our friend’s birthday that night. Thank you.

Focaccia Bread with Balsamic Olive Oil

Il Polpo (Sous-vide Marinated Overnight Grilled Octopus,
Crispy Risotto and Tomato-on-vined)

Zuppa Di Funghi Tartufata (Trio of Fresh Portobello, Shiitake and Button Mushroom
Cooked with thyme, Onions, Herbs deglazed with Wine)

Zappetta Di Funghi Tartufata ( Veloute with saute Mushrooms topped
with crispy Truffle Parmesan)

Linguine Al Granchio
(Fresh Crab Meat cooked with Vodka and Pink Sauce)

Cinque Formaggi E Prosciutto Di Parma
(Homemade Potato Dumplings with Five-Cheese Sauce,
Crushed Pistachio Nuts & Crispy Parma Ham)

Salti In Bocca Romana (Literally "Jump in the Mouth" pounded Pork Tenderloin
with Sage, Parma Ham & Wild Mushroom Sauce)

Tiramisu (Made with Amaretto Liqueur with Lady-Finger Biscuits,
Valrhona Dark Chocolate Chips & Mascarpone Cream)

Complimentery Birthday Cake from the kitchen  

RESTARANT MARKUS - Modern Italian Cuisine Penang

地址 Address37F, Jalan Cantonment, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
联络 Contact04-2261443
脸书 FacebookRestaurant Markus

营业时间 Business Hours
12.00pm to 3.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm to 10.00pm (Dinner)
Closed on Tuesday & on certain public holidays

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