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J Dog House & Café Penang

JDog House & Café Penang

你一定要来抱抱杰登(Jayden),小时候的阿拉斯加雪橇犬(Alaskan Malamute)讨喜可爱,长大后身躯魁梧,外表像狼一样俊朗,但内心却热情粘人,那一身蓬松柔软的毛发枕在身上相当温暖。我最难忘的其中一只大萨摩耶犬(Somoyed——杰瑞(Jerry)有着引人注目的雪白色的茸茸大皮毛,乖巧又优雅,微微张开嘴巴无时无刻都在笑着,实在让人忍不住想亲近它。

For all the dog lovers out there, you must give a hug to Jayden. Alaskan Malamute in younger age is very adorable and playful. When they grow older, they become very huge in size. Although they look quite similar to wolf and fierce, they are actually very friendly and the fluffy fur on it is so warm. Jerry is one of the dogs that attract me the most. Jerry is a Somoyed with white fluffy fur. Jerry is very elegant and well-behaved. You will feel like she is smiling to you when she slightly opens her mouth. This makes me love Jerry even more.


这里的狗类品种比较稀有,一般的宠物主题咖啡馆的招牌都是小型狗,这家的主人养小型犬骑士查理王猎犬(Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Jaco & Jacy)、达克斯猎犬(Long-Haired Dachshund: Jasmine)、美系可卡犬(American Cocker Spaniel: Janet)等之外,大型狗类包括西伯利亚哈士奇(Siberian Husky: Jingle),还有难得一见的藏獒(Tibetan Mastiff)。如果你想养些比较少见稀有的狗狗,不妨到这儿和老板聊聊。

The environment in JDog café is very comfortable and is decorated with lots of dog plush toy and cute pillows. The reason why this café called JDog is because all their dog name start with the letter “J”. You can see the picture of the dog with their name on it on the wall of the café. So you can easily recognize all the dog and can play with them and calling their name. Other than what you can do in normal café, you also can send your dog for hair cut while you enjoy your food in their café. This is so convenience for those with busy schedule. You also can bring your dog here so that they can make friends and play with each other. 

Your mood will be very good when you see a bunch of dog running and playing around you. Its full of joy and happiness.The dog species that available here is quite rare. Normally you will only see some small size dog in dog café. JDog is special that other than small size dog such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Jaco & Jacy, Long-Haired Dachshund: Jasmine, American Cocker Spaniel: Janet, you also can play with big size dog such as Siberian Husky: Jingle, Tibetan Mastiff. If you are interested in having some rare species dog, you can come here and try to consult with them.

食物和服务招待方面也令人满意,作为一家宠物主题咖啡馆,却有一张很完整的菜单料理。野蘑菇汤很入味,奶油和盐的比例得当,汤汁的口感浓稠美味。主食奶油意大利面也很好吃,芝士奶香馥郁,味道厚重但不粘嘴,加入炒蘑菇提升了整体风味。推荐香煎鲈鱼,塔巴斯科辣椒酱给这道料理带来了微辣的口感,鱼肉的熟度拿捏刚好,鲜美不腥。甜品方面,必试特色料理巧克力榛子酱松饼陪雪糕(JDog Special: Nutella Waffles with Ice Cream),再来一杯热巧克力榛子饮料或冷玫瑰拿铁,留下一个清新的结尾,让心情更好。

The food and service here is so good and we would like to compliment in it. As a dog themed café, they able to provide you a complete menu with lots of varieties. They also continuously put in effort to introduce more food into their menu. Mushroom soup is very flavorful and the ratio of cream and salt is just perfect to brings out the taste of mushroom. Mushroom carbonara is also one of the dishes that you should not miss. The cheesiness and creaminess of the white sauce mix with sautéed mushroom taste so delicious.

Pan fried fish fillet is quite special where they add in some tobasco sauce of brings some kick in your mouth. The fish fillet is also well cooked and fishy at all. Dessert wise, JDog Special: Nutella Waffles with Ice Cream is another must try. Together with a cup of Hot Nutella or Iced Rose Latte make a happy ending for your meal. We really enjoy hanging out at JDog Café and we highly recommend parents to bring their children here too. Surely they will enjoy playing and interacting with all the dogs.  

Rose Latte & Macha Latte

Mushroom Carbonara

Crispy Onion with Three Flavors

Mushroom Soup

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Chop

Pan Fried Fish Fillet

J Dog Special: Nutella Waffle with Ice Cream

Hot Mocha with topping

J Dog Special: Hot Nutella

Jerry (Somoyed)

Jaco & Jacy (Cavalier King Charles  Spaniel)

Jayden (Alaska Malamute)

Jingle (Siberian Husky) 

J Dog House & Café Penang

地址 Address72-2-27 & 28, Arena Curve, Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang
联络 Contact019-5938960
脸书 FacebookJ Dog House & Café Penang
营业时间 Business Hours11.00am to 10.00pm (Wednesday  – Monday, closed on Tuesday )

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