Thursday, 10 November 2016

Weekend Hours | The Twelve Cups Penang

The Twelve Cups Café Penang



I had gone through quote at Facebook page says that people who eat breakfast together is the people who is important in your life. I totally agree with this quote and immediately remember it. So, let’s have breakfast together and celebrate our friendship. When you are working alone at other city, you will naturally think about your friends at your hometown. Friends that grew up together in the same town, searching for good breakfast or café and most important are enjoy the food and chit chat together. This is the life that everyone need once in a while. Weekend morning is the perfect time where we can take this opportunity to pamper ourself and hang out with our friends.

The Twelve Cups Penang is very clean and have a huge glass window that allows natural light to shine through. This café is originally a dessert shop where they are famous with their crepe cake. After 4 good years, now they add in breakfast, lunch and dinner into their menu. Now we can have more variety and can taste both savory and sweet dish in their café. We had ordered Spaghetti Alle Vongole where they add white wine to bring out the freshness of clam. Twelve Breakfast with Smoked Salmon is another dishes that we like a lot. Their sautéed mushroom is damn good. Sautéed Sausages with Toast is a dish that really surprises us. They use 2 different type of sausages both English and Chinese sausage together with cherry tomato. By dipping the toasted bread into the olive oil on the pan makes it even better. We really enjoy all the dishes that we had ordered and definitely will come back for their lunch and dinner some other day.