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Lunabar Coffee Penang

Lunabar Coffee Penang

注:咖啡馆目前已在此地点结束营业,不知未来会在那儿继续售卖理想,特写此篇记录我们两三次的美好到访经验。现今地址:10D, Jalan Clove Hall, 10500 Penang, Malaysia

咖啡吧的空间小而雅致,像四方格子里的玻璃森林,充满一片清新的绿意氛围。一张小圆桌和几张高脚椅子供客人歇坐,外头有排靠着玻璃墙的凳子,应是阳光曝晒天气太热,没人搭坐,后来已经摆上大大小小盆的植物 。要找到自己喜欢的一间店并不容易,我们整个下午呆在这边,和店主借本村上春树的短篇小说翻阅,有一搭没一搭的聊天插话,不需多做什么,生活自然就很美好了。


Lunabar Penang is closed till further notice. Yet, we still insist to share our wonderful experience with you. The café is small and cozy which surrounded by greenery plants. It is like sitting inside a glass jungle where you can breathe in the endorphin release from the plants. Their space is limited so as their table and chairs. There are only a round table and a few stools available for customers. Outdoor sit is available too, but due to our hot climate, no one will sit out there. Now it becomes a place to put some plants. It is not easy to find a café that I like. I spend my while afternoon here reading a novel from the owner. Meanwhile, chit chat with friends and update each other. This is as simple as it can.

A cup of black coffee is not just a cup of black coffee. It has lots of knowledge and skills in it. It is really hard for me to give a comment on the taste of a cup of black coffee. Some café is sweet enough to give you an information card along with your coffee so that you can know more about what are you drinking. Sometimes, I’m thinking that taste came from out memory and imagination. So there are endless sensation and taste that creates from it. That’s why people like coffee and addicted to it.

2017年最新到访:手冲咖啡的滋味很美妙。 Lunabarcoffee 的新店空间简单清新,白色的基调,无花植物作为装饰,带有自然的艺术氛围。点餐时没有头绪,便让咖啡师决定。上了苏门答腊和肯亚豆子煮出来的咖啡,黑得明亮透彻的颜色,舒服的口感,还有层次丰富的口味,具体说不出品尝到了什么味道,但能肯定的其中一味是喜悦的心情。搭配开胃的青柠蛋糕,这或许是一天中,最自由放松的时刻。

Lunabar Coffee, Georgetown Penang

地址 Address::10D, Jalan Clove Hall, 10500 Penang Malaysia
电话 Contact No+6016-4529250
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