Thursday, 18 August 2016

Editors' Picks: July Favorites 2016


A day in Summer. Wake up early in the morning and prepare for the brand new day. Start with brushing your teeth with Marvis toothpaste that not only clean your teeth but also freshen you up and make you awake, After that, have a cold morning shower and prep your skin with Kiehl's Calendula series face wash and toner. Then you are ready to party for the summer. Had some Bounty as your mid day snack to boost up your sugar level. The coconut filling directly translate to one of the summer must have. What is more perfect that we end up our day with a glass of Hendrick's Gin. A glass of chilled cocktail in summer night is essential and keep you party all night long.

  1. Toothpaste | Marvis
  2. Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Was| Kiehl's 
  3. Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner Kiehl's 
  4. Chocolate bar | BOUNTY
  5. Scottish Gin Infused with Rose and Cucumber | Hendrick's Gin  

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

国际风味自助餐 Gourmet International Buffet Dinner | Spoon Cafe G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Gourmet International Buffet Dinner, G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Gourmet International Buffet Dinner | G Hotel Kelawai

槟城G Hotel kelawaiSpoon Café在每逢星期五与星期六推出了国际风味自助餐,菜单里特别加入葡萄牙海鲜烧烤。餐厅的设计灵感源自于怀旧的法国小酒馆,墙上的方形白边框营造了现代的简约美学,空间结构的切割让用餐有更多的私密感,通过大片玻璃还可看到户外的大树和街道。黑白小方格地砖是槟城娘惹老屋的特点,木制桌椅弧度线条利落,灯具和餐具精致优雅,种种不同的元素在这个空间巧妙混搭,让人耳目一行又不失高级氛围。

FYI, Spoon Café at G Hotel Kelawai had launched Gourmet International Buffer Dinner on every Friday and Saturday. What so special about it? They added Portuguese Grilled Seafood into their menu which is one of the famous dishes in Melacca. Spoon Café get their design inspiration from the nostalgic French brasserie. The square white border on the wall creates a modern minimalist aesthetic. The huge space gives their diners comfort and privacy. You also can enjoy the street view and huge tree at outdoor through the glass wall. Interior black and white checkered floor tiles are one of the elements in old Penang Peranakan houses. The wooden tables and chairs create a neat line together with elegant cutlery merge everything together and give you a refreshing yet elegant dining space.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Beach Vibes | 48 Hours in Langkawi Island, Malaysia

48 Hours in Langkawi Island, Malaysia

周末来个短旅,往兰卡威岛屿(Langkawi Island)寻找碧海蓝天的自在。四十八个小时,简单来说既是三天两夜。早班飞机抵达后,处理租车事宜,便前往Telaga Terrace Boutique Hotel登记入住。酒店规模不大,现代马来风格设计,房间装饰有迷人的典雅贵气,大胆的色彩搭配给人轻松好玩的氛围。卫生间自然采光,种植了像合果芋的植物,淋浴在阳光下的清爽正适合开始一场悠闲的度假。

Have a short weekend trip to Langkawi Island for the blue sky, clear sea water, moment of peace and freedom. 48 hours is just 3 days 2 nights. We had taken morning flight to Langkawi Island and then settle our car rental which we had pre-book earlier. After that, we are heading to check-in at Telaga Terrace Boutique Hotel.

Telaga Terrace Boutique Hotel is a small hotel with modern and traditional malay design. The room looks very elegant and clean. They also burn essential oil in their room before you check-in so that you can have a calm and pleasant stay. Their washroom is one of the highlight of the room. They are using natural light with plant as their main feature. You can take a shower under that sun with a nature feeling. This starts our free and easy Langkawi Island trip. 

Monday, 1 August 2016

FILL in the blank 空白格 | Take a Look Back on July 2016

Friday Inspiration: Hey, Pretty July