Monday, 25 July 2016

Black Kettle Penang (Beach Street, Georgetown)

Black Kettle Cafe Penang

Black Kettle Penang

下午若能遇上和煦的阳光,兜着车子找到一家环境舒适的咖啡馆,心情会无比飞扬,神采也会畅快奕奕。黑茶壶(Black Kettle)是一半烘培店,一半咖啡馆的经营方式。老屋的整体面积宽敞明亮,被切割成几种不同气氛的用餐坐位,可以随着心情找角落喝咖啡用餐度日。面包柜子整齐摆放,多样的烘培糕点相当吸引人,趁热尝了牛角包,外酥香内柔软,配着热茶更美味。

Sunday afternoon, we were strolling around to find a café to have a cup of coffee and some food. Black Kettle Penang is a half bakery half coffee shop. The entire space is huge where it is divided into different dining area with different concept in it. You just need to follow your mood and pick a spot that suit your mood. The bread and pastry is nicely place in each tray which is very appealing. We order a croissant which is very crispy outside and soft and chewy inside. Together with a cup of tea, it is a perfect combination.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

高棉村庄的料理学习 | Siem Reap Village Tour and Cooking Class

Cambodia Cooking Class and Siem Reap Village Tour with Ox Cart


One of the itineraries in our Siem Reap trip is to visit the traditional Khmer village and learn the local cuisine. By simply walk through the village and have some simple interaction with the villager will expand your perspective. We look through the difference between our living lifestyle and realize it is more than sufficient for us. There are a lot things going through our mind when we can across new things. This will be one of our memorable trips.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Editors' Picks: June Favorites 2016


Time flies...

It's July now and half year just gone without any notice. June is a busy month for us because is Lily and Darren birthday. We also had a short relaxing trip to Langkawi Island to enjoy the sun, beach and cocktail. And also the things that we won't forget is shopping!!! We shop a lot and this is our June favorites and we can’t wait to share it with you.

  1.  Navy Zig Zag Short Sleeve Revere Shirt | TOPMAN
  2.  Mouthwash | Aeosp
  3.  Multigroom series 5000 8-in-1 Beard & Hair trimmer | PHILIPS
  4.  'BOSS Bottled Night' Eau de Toilette | BOSS
  5.  Custom Design Birthday Cake | Cake by R&S  

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Italian Restaurant | IL Bacaro, Campbell House Penang

IL Bacaro, Campbell House Penang

IL Bacaro Penang (Authentic Italian Restaurant)

部落队友丽莉生日,我们相约前往槟城Campbell House的意大利餐厅IL Bacaro用晚餐。从意式前菜小食开始,海鲜沙拉(Warm Seafood Salad)的食材丰富新鲜,适口开胃;香辣鲜虾(Spicy Prawns Diavola)的红色酱汁「Diavola」在意大利语有「恶魔」的意思,以辣椒与胡椒等多种香料调味,口味偏辣,搭配虾仁和蒜香烤面包,却非常浓郁可口。

接着进入主菜,蟹肉烩饭(Crab Meat Risotto) 味道浓郁多乳,加入高汤和芝士熬煮的意大利米粒(Arboria Rice)吸收了汤汁的精华,粒粒分明弹牙适口,蟹肉的鲜美,柠檬碎的清爽,升华了整体风味,多吃几口也不会感觉腻。脆皮黑披萨(Special INFERNO Black Pizza)有如其名,「火海地狱般」的外表和味道,相当重口味,腌制的橄榄的酸味最为明显,直叫人咬牙切齿,实在过瘾。

Every birthday celebration starts with a sumptuous meal. Don’t you agree?

In this special and memorable day, we decided to have a birthday dinner date with Lily at IL Bacaro Penang. Start with Italian appetizer, Warm Seafood Salad is quite unusual for us because we normally only have cold salad. Spicy Prawns Diavola really translates the meaning of the word “Diavola”. “Diavola” means devil in Italy. The sauce is spice, peppery and very fragrant. Together with fresh prawn and garlic bread, it is the perfect combination.

Our main course is Crab Meat Risotto which is very and flavorful. The Arboria rice is perfectly cooked and fully absorbs the broth and coated with creamy cheese. You can get pieces of crab meat in each bite. Chef added lemon peel into the risotto to make it fresh and non greasy. Special INFERNO black pizza is exactly like its name, a black color pizza. This pizza has a strong flavor. It is topped with olive which is sour in taste. It is not the usual pizza that you always had. 

Friday, 1 July 2016

OUTSIDE the window 窗外 | Take a Look Back on June 2016

Hello June

If you're going to live, you might as well do painful, brave and beautiful things.
-- Jeff Zentner, The Serpent King