Saturday, 25 June 2016

Birthday Brunch Date | Ferringhi Coffee Garden Penang

Birthday Brunch Date - Ferringhi Coffee Garden Penang

Ferringhi Coffee Garden: Darren SG Birthday Brunch Date

提前为在外地工作的部落队友Darren SG庆生,特别选在周末到访槟城的花园餐厅。这儿的用餐氛围悠闲舒适,晨起花朵盛开多彩,白的白紫的紫,青葱绿叶在风中轻轻摆动摇曳,空气中透着生生不息的绿意,正适合暂时卸下生活的担子。我们放慢步伐,欢喜相聚聊天,吃顿美味的早午餐,也顺道让你许下新一年的期许。


Birthdays are all about celebrating life and relationships

This year we had an early birthday celebration to celebrate Darren SG birthday. He is coming back from Singapore to have a short break, so we took this opportunity to celebrate with him. After some discussion, we had made our decision to have a weekend brunch at Ferringhi Garden Restaurant. Ferringhi Garden Restaurant is famous with the flower decoration. 

The whole restaurant is decorated with beautiful flower which is so romantic.Having brunch in such a natural environment really makes us feel a little bit healthier and relax. We really enjoy our time there and talk quite a lot about what’s going on in our life. We would like to wish you Happy Birthday and stay happy all the time. We also hope you like the gift that we bought to you. Till next time…

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Ramadhan Fiesta Buffet Dinner | G Hotel Gurney Penang

G Hotel Penang Buffet Dinner

配合斋月的到来,槟城G Hotel GurneyTaste Café诚意准备了丰盛的东南亚马来风味自助餐。餐厅的设计时尚高雅,简约的花式瓷砖纹路编织成亚洲的色彩,在现代与传统中自成一种风格。就如这个月推出的斋月料理,来自印尼的主厨Chef Dodi巧妙的融合国际与马来食谱,带有心思的处理每一道菜色,从厨房到餐桌摆盘,呈现出鲜艳明快的节日气氛。

In conjunction with the celebration of Bulan Ramadhan, Taste Café by G Hotel Gurney had brought to you Ramadhan fiesta buffet that feature Southeast Asia Malay cuisine. G Hotel Gurney had specially decorated their dining area for their diners to experience only the best gastronomic journey of buffet. During this month, Chef Dodi from Indonesia creatively infuse Malay cuisine element into their Ramadhan menu. Everything is perfectly done and brings you a festive feeling.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

海虾石斑鱼锅 Fresh Grouper Steamboat | 美宝阁 Maple Palace Chinese Restaurant Penang

美宝阁 Maple Palace Restaurant Penang


Maple palace is famous with their traditional Cantonese cuisine. The reason that made them so famous in Penang is the perfect combination of both eastern and oriental cooking skills and technique. My first visit is during mother’s day celebration. After having my dinner there, we come to know that they also serve hotpot too. Without further thinking, I straight away contact Boon Han and Lily to try out their hotpot when we are free.

To be honest, all of us are somehow addicted to hotpot. We can’t resist the temptation of hotpot. For your information, Maple palace also have ala carte menu which serve wide range of delicious food. If you like Chinese food with some modern twist, Maple palace is the restaurant that you shouldn’t miss.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

DISTANCE 远方 | Take a Look Back on May 2016

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