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慢食 Slow Food | 真食 Real Food Sonnentor, Straits Quay Penang

Real Food Sonnentor


Real Food Sonnentor is a restaurant with a very simple and spacious design. Once you walk into Real Food Sonnentor, you can feel the relax vibes. Everything will slow down and let’s escape from all the fuss in our daily life. The real way to enjoy food is enjoy the short period of freedom that you had. Real Food Sonnentor supports the go green slow food concept by having a wide range of vegetarian menu. Each of the ingredients that served to their customers was supplied by local organic farmers with no preservative on it. In order to maintain the original taste of each ingredient, Real Food Sonnentor chooses to use a slow cook method to keep every ingredient’s taste and nutrient. 

Real Food Sonnentor Menu


Kim can’t really accept the taste of the food served by Real Food Sonnentor. Don’t take us wrong. It is not because they serve bad food, it just Kim have a very heavy palates where he need lots of salt added in his food. After he taste the food, he start to understand the taste of each ingredient he ate in his daily life which was all masked with salty taste.

Real Food Sonnentor found a balance between natural ingredients and the taste which they put lots of effort in their sauce and seasoning. Organic cold press juice with no water and sugar added taste so rich and smooth. Dumpling soup with homemade noodle taste so refreshing and sweet. Each of the dumplings was prepared freshly on each day where limited amount was supplied each day. Because of the contrast between fast food and slow food, it make us believes in the real taste of each food – Real Food which brings so much benefit to us.

Real Food - Cauliflower Apple (helps draws out cholesterol from our body)

Real Food - Tropical (blend of seasonal tropical fruit with soymilk)

Real Food Sonnentor

Real Food - Dumpling Soup with Homemade Noddle (Vegan/Soy)

Read Food - Real Organic Mushroom Soup (wheat & gluten free-soup only/vegan)

Real Food - Real Organic Mushroom Soup (wheat & gluten free-soup only/vegan)

Real Food - Baked Quinoa (Wheat & gluten free)

Real Food Sonnentor

Real Food Sonnentor



One of the biggest complaints about eating well is that it costs too much. In turn, we would like to ask if you ever think about how most ‘fast’, processed and junk food can cost so little?


We believe there is no shortcut to good quality food and compromising is not an option. No microwave, no pre-packed or processed food, fresh and no pre-cut ingredients, slow-pressed juicer, low heat pan-frying, homemade sauces and making your food only when you order them are just some examples of why we produce and serve only SLOW FOOD!

So before you make a fuss about how long you have to wait for your meal, why not think about how long it takes us to prepare your food!

Real Food Sonnentor

Real Food Sonnentor

Real Food Sonnentor

真食 Real Food Sonnetor , Straits Quay

电话 Tel04-8908295
地址 Address3A-G-3D, Straits Quay, Jalan Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
面子书 FacebookReal Food Penang
营业时间 Business Hours10.00am to 10.00pm (Monday - Sunday)

Real Food Sonnentor

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