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北上越南 Exploring North Vietnam | 河内 Hanoi • 简朴的高脚房舍

北上越南 Exploring North Vietnam | 河内 Hanoi

  1. 摩多穿行的城市:TranQuoc Pagoda 镇国古寺、TempleofLiterature 文庙、Hoan KiemLake 还剑湖、Water PuppetShow 越南传统木偶戏
  2. 宁静的山水古都:TamCoc 三谷、BichDong 碧洞、HoChi Minh Mausoleum 胡志明陵墓
  3. 简朴的高脚房舍:Presidential Palace 胡志明故居(河内总督府)Ho Chi Minh Museum 胡志明博物馆、One Pillar Pagoda 独柱寺
  4. 自然遗产下龙湾: Ha Long Bay 下龙湾

Presidential Palace 胡志明故居


As you know, Hanoi is also know as "Paris of Asia". I totally agree about it because of all the buildings and the greenery. Here have lot of French colonial-era building where you will be very impressive looking at it. Here also have lots of trees and lakes that make it even harmony. It simply give you a very relax vibes. Hanoi is definitely a good city to stay or a summer getaway places.

The little down sides are when you travel from a destination to another destination, you will see their local life with your own eye. As a country become more developed, their citizen could not afford to buy a house at city and force to stay at rural area. Its feel very sad when you saw a kinder garden student walk to school by their own in the middle of paddy field. This makes me even more appreciate the life I'm having now.

1. Presidential Palace 胡志明故居(河内总督府)

Presidential Palaca 胡志明故居


Presidential Palaca 胡志明故居

Presidential Palace 胡胡志明故居


2. Ho Chi Minh Museum 胡志明博物馆


Ho Chi Ming Musuem 胡志明博物馆


Ho Chi Minh Museum 胡志明博物馆

Ho Chi Minh Museum 胡志明博物馆

3. One Pillar Pagoda 独柱寺


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