Thursday, 19 March 2015

DEAR SUMMER | 停泊岛 · 热浪岛 Redang Island & Perhentian Island

Pulau Perhentian & Pulau Redang



To be honest, I feel quite irritated when I preparing this post. I have been reading others bloggers post about Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. They did a very good job by stating all the detail of the journey and also the schedule that you can make it as your references. So, I think it is not necessary for me to repeat it again.  I just share some photo that I take  with my friend there and share my experience there with you all. If you guys plan to go there, please prepare waterproof case for your camera and phone.

For this 3 days 2 night trip, we were staying in a wooden chalet. I think the schedule for everyone going there is the same. Afternoon you will go for snorkelling or diving session. Night time you will find a good restaurant to have dinner and went to a pub to have a beer to chill you down. But, it surely is a good experience. All those colourful coral and fishes just make your day. While those mystery blue sand will impressed you during night time. A journey is not about details, is about the memory that you created with your friends. This is priceless.  

Monday, 9 March 2015

Bricklin Bar Cafe (Hin Bus Depot, GeorgeTown)

Bricklin Bar Cafe


It has been a while we did not update our blog. Guess that you guys know the reason. It’s Chinese New Year!!! We should not work during Chinese New Year right… it will bring bad luck. *Just kidding. After Chinese New Year, those pending post start to pile up and we finally have time to start writing on it.