Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Western Spices - Original by Chef Nick (Penang Green Hall)

Western Spice
Visited on July 2014 (All photo by Iphone5)

迟来的一顿晚餐:聚餐庆祝丽莉的生日,由她翻牌子点了古迹区的某间餐馆,可是兜来兜去却找不着,没行驶错方向,确定抵达目的,可是眼前的景象:招牌不知所踪,昏黄的街灯映在玻璃窗口,清空的餐厅在古屋岁月摧残的斑驳墙里像个废墟。庆幸口袋里还有几个可翻的牌子,就这样来到了槟州大会堂旁的Western Spice餐厅,又是一场欢乐一场微醉的夜晚。

Birthday celebration!!! Is Lily birthday and we decide to bring her for a great dinner. After our discussion, we decide to choose Western Spice to celebrate her birthday. 

Birthday Girl - Lily with Appetizer


We decided to order variety of dishes to share since we cant decide what we want to eat individually and also by this we can order more and taste all of their foods. Overall, we quite impressed with their food served especially the seafood platter. It is just simply delicious. 



Wild Mushroom Soup

Escargot (Homamade cream with selection of premium mushrooms)

Lily with Main Course

Roasted Duck (Medium)

Roasted Duck (Medium)

Seafood Combo

Seafood Combo
(grilled giant squid, salmon and scallops served with potato and vegetables)

Sesame Spaghetti

Sesame Spaghetti


Do we forget anything to complete our night? Dessert!!! We will not miss out our dessert. The dessert that we order was too delicious. We didn't not expected that olive oil, banana, ice cream and nuts served warm was super match and damn good to taste. We very impressed with the dessert served that night. It is totally not oily in taste and some how you feel refreshing when you eat it. You guys should really try this dessert if you guys have a chance to pay a visit to their restaurant. You won’t regret it!!!

Olive Oil with Banana and Ice Cream

Olive Oil with Banana and Ice Cream

Ice Blender Mojito (Cocktail)

Red Wine

White Wine

Boon Han and Kim


Our night would not be complete with a glass or two of alcohol beverages. We decided to order a glass of house white wine and also a glass of cocktail. Let’s us drunk for the beautiful moment!!!


Western Spice – Green Hall Penang (Original by Chef Nick)

电话 Tel042611553
地址 Address1, Green Hall Road (off Light Street), Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
营业时间 Buisness Hours11.30am to 10.30pm (Tuesday – Sunday)
面子书 Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/WSHSB
电邮 Emailwesternspices@gmail.com


  1. Really fine restaurant for fine dining. :-)

    1. Definately... Good enviroment, good food and good service... Their dessert is a must try.. U should try it next time... haha!!!