Friday, 26 September 2014

Joyeux Penang (Brunch & Breakfast Restaurant, Jalan Nagore)

Visited on September 2014 (Photo by Iphone)



Finally we have time to meet again after some time and we decided to meet up since all of us are free. There are no reason that we should not meet up every time we are at Penang. We just have never ending topics to talk and endless laughter in our outing. There will be never enough outing for us if we have free time to meet up.

We still remember that day we decided to pay a visit to Joyeux. It was a rainy night with very comfy weather. We have no idea where is the exact location of it, we just follow the not very trustable GPS to guide us there. End up we make 3 rounds to finally found Joyeux because we could not find any signboard of their shop. They just have a small banner that place in front of their entrance to prove that there is Joyeux. To be honest, you will easily miss their shop if you do not pay much attention. But in a good way, it means that it is a very low profile and cozy place to hang out without having to squeeze with crowds.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Kim's Laksa 金叻沙 (Nan Guang Restaurant, Balik Pulau)

Kim's Laksa, Balik Pulau (Visited on July 2014)


如果有明确的时间规划,也可在一天内到访客家山寨品尝客家菜私人养马场的骑马乐莎能牧羊场的奶羊之旅美味的Kim’s Laksa 金加沙便是你们的美食选择之一,多么欢乐的一日游。

Balik Pulau is the downtown of Penang, where it was located the other side of island. It claimed to be rich in natural ecology and the simplicity of rural life which was totally opposite to the town area. And durian's season is one of the things that you should not be missed and must pay a visit to Balik Pulau because here was famous with the yummilcious durian. Balik Pulau is also a place that will attrach those people who like photography since here are surrounded my mother nature.  

Friday, 5 September 2014

莎能牧羊场 Saanen Dairy Goat Farm (Balik Pulau)

莎能牧羊场 Saanen Dairy Goat Farm
(Visited on July 2014)


Who doesn't love nature? Saanen Dairy Goat Farm is one of the choices that you can get close to nature. It was easy to find the location of the farm as they had sign to show to the exact direction along the road. To be exact, it is somewhere near Balik Pulau national service training camp. We was lucky that we managed to find parking lot easily because they provide limited parking space. The goat farm was not too big and once we get out from our car, we can smell the unique smell of goat. We also welcome by the person in charge which was very friendly and we felt so warm. Then, our journey of photography started...