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槟榔时光隧道历史博物馆 Pianaon Time Tunnel (The History Museum of Penang)

Visited on February 2014


Lets ride on time machine and go back to old Penang at Pinaon Time Tunnel, Penang. Once you enter this museum, you are already at 400 years back in Penang and everything begin from 1952. This museum is categorize into 12 periods that present Penang social and cultural development using 7 different languages that include mandarin, english, malay, japanese, korean, arab and thai. Besides that, there are many paintings, antic collection, statue and etc to let their visitor have more understanding on Penang and also take lots of photo with it. There are also kid's version history description that we found that is very necessary and interesting because it is important to let the next generation understand our own history.

  • 1952-1786:槟城史前史 Early History
  • 1786-1794:莱特登陆及开垦时期 The Founding of Penang by Francis Light
  • 1795-1825:各族居民逐步增长时期 The Growing Multi-racial Population
  • 1836-1866:海峡殖民地成立时期 Early Period of the Straits Settlements
  • 1867-1892:槟城暴动时期 The Penang Riots
  • 1893-1911:东西方政治夹缝中的殖民地 Colony in between Eastern and Western Political Movements
  • 1912-1945:二战结束前的槟城 Penang before the End of the Second World War
  • 1945-1957:战后的政治动荡年代 The Age of Post-war Political Turbulence
  • 1957-1969:独立后经济衰退及动荡年代 The Recession and Turbulent Years after Independence
  • 1969-2000:工业化奠基时期 Laying the Foundation for Industrialisation
  • 2000-Beyond:经济转型时期 Economic Transformation and Sustainable Development

莱特的遗书 The Will of Francis Light, 1974

早期理发店 Old Time Barber Shop

吞云吐雾,抽吸鸦片  Opium-smoking

峇峇娘惹的用具与服饰 Baba-Nyoya Wares and Wear

Labourers were brought in from India as post workers.


Shi Gang


二战期间 Second World War

Instrument of Surrender Signing on board HMS Nelson.

中医 Chinese Physician

50年代工人宿舍 1550s Workers' Quaters

60年代咖啡馆 1960s Coffee Shop


Museum exhibition is divided into two floor, he ground floor shows all the history and has seen on the above photo while the 1st floor still do not have any design. But from what we heard from the staff there, it will be a 3D art that shows all the history which will make it more interesting. 


“历史给人类最大的教训就是人来从来不记得历史的教训……” —— 贺格尔

“We learn from history that we have not learnt from history. What experience and history teaches us is that people and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.” – George Wilhelm Friedich Hegel

槟榔屿时光隧道 Pinaon Time Tunnel

电话 Tel604-2619181
地址 Address39, Jalan Green Hall, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
营业时间 Buisness Hours9.30am to 7.00pm (Daily, Include Saturday and Sunday)

门票 Ticket Price

Adult - RM22.00; RM14.00(Mykad)
Child(5-12 Years Old) – RM12.00; RM7.00(Mykad)
Student(Valid Student ID) – RM14.00; RM10.00(Mykad)

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