Monday, 31 March 2014

槟榔时光隧道历史博物馆 Pianaon Time Tunnel (The History Museum of Penang)

Visited on February 2014


Lets ride on time machine and go back to old Penang at Pinaon Time Tunnel, Penang. Once you enter this museum, you are already at 400 years back in Penang and everything begin from 1952. This museum is categorize into 12 periods that present Penang social and cultural development using 7 different languages that include mandarin, english, malay, japanese, korean, arab and thai. Besides that, there are many paintings, antic collection, statue and etc to let their visitor have more understanding on Penang and also take lots of photo with it. There are also kid's version history description that we found that is very necessary and interesting because it is important to let the next generation understand our own history.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Absolute Thai (The Garden, Midvalley Kuala Lumpur)

Visited on March 2014

邻国的泰国餐在大马的风行程度,可以说是各国料理中一家大小皆宜,且受欢迎程度极高的菜色,尤其是酸辣开胃的冬阴功汤(Tomyam),大马人的最爱啊。此行的目的并不是到 The Garden, Midvalley 购物,临时改变想法转换购物地点,以餐馆环境优美和口味为标准选择了Absolute Thai Garden解决当天的午餐。

Thai food!!! Tell us who doesn't like thai food. Thai cuisine has been so popular among Malaysian for decades especially Tom Yam soup!!! Which is our favorite of all time. The purpose of visit The Garden, Midvalley was not shopping. Our purpose is to find a restaurant that have nice environment and delicious food, and here comes Absolute Thai Garden!!!