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TWG Tea Salon & Boutique (Pavilion Kuala Lumpur)

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique (Pavilion Kuala Lumpur)
Visited on Jan 2014


English high tea is so popular during Victorian era. High Tea is often a misnomer. Most people refer to afternoon tea as high tea because they think it sounds regal and lofty, when in all actuality, high tea, or "meat tea" is dinner. In England, the traditional time for tea was four or five o'clock and no one stayed after seven o'clock. Most tea rooms today serve tea from three to five o'clock. But nowadays, English high tea becomes a kind of lifestyle in our life.

If one going to high tea, he or she must be fed up with the hectic life and need so relaxing place to get rid of all those worries. If a group of friend who going for high tea, their purpose sure will be gossiping about other. This are what comes to Kim’s mind when it comes to high tea.


3 of them order a 3 tier high tea set that come with sandwiches, scones and macaroons. Besides that, they still order extra 1 jar of tea since TWG require each customer to order 1 jar of tea. 

TWG Fortune Set RM55.00
(Price are not inclusive service charge)


  • TWG Tea from their extensive tea list. (Supplement for teas over RM19.00)
  • A choice of warm toasted sandwish form the list below:
    • TWG Tea Croque Monsieur: An enduring classic. Warm toasted sandwich with French Gruyere cheese abd turkey ham, served with a delicate green salad tossed in house vinaigrette.
    •  TWG Tea Croque Provence: Vegetarian warm toasted sandwich with Gruyere cheese garnished with tomatoes and asparagus, served with a delicate green salad tossed in house vinaigrette.
    •  TWG Tea Croque Imperial: Warm toasted sandwich with Gruyere cheese and smoke salmon, served with a delicate green salad and house vinaigrette.
  • Choice of 2 freshly baked scones or muffins served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream or 1 patissene from our trolley.
  • A choice if 3 macarons.

大吉岭茶 Maharajah Darjeeling RM19.00

Blue Charm Tea RM19.00 (Included in Fortune Set)

1837 TWG Tea Cup

A choice of 3 macarons (Included in Fortune Set)
Napolean Tea & Caramel, Earl Grey & Chocolate, Grand Wedding Tea with Passion Fruit & Coconut

Freshly baked scone (Included in Fortune Set)

TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream (served with scone) - (Included in Fortune Set)


TWG Tea Croque Imperial (Warm toasted sandwich with Gruyere cheese and smoke salmon)

TWG Fortune Set RM55.00



According to an article, you can taste almost all the tea from the whole world. They have more than 800 type of tea and have many special and unique flavors that were created by them which you can’t taste it from other places. So, if you are a tea lover, you will love their shop.  Kim’s say that when they get the menu, they have no idea what to choose since they have too much variety. They just pick it blindly. 

I am Kim

I am Lily

I am Shi Gang











推荐:TWG Tea Macarons

TWG Tea's renowed crispy almond biscuit with a soft centre. Infused with signature teas, TWG Tea has transformed the macaron into a uniquely memorable confextion.

TWG Tea Macarons RM5.00 each
(Napoleon Tean & Caramel, Camelot Tea & Praline, Earl Grey &
Chocolate, 1837 Black Tea & Blackcurrant, Moroccan Mint, Lemon Bush Tea,

TWG Tea Macarons RM5.00 each
( Grand Wedding Tea with Passion Fruit & Coconut, Bain de Roses Tea, Matcha, Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya)

Choice of Tea

Gift Set

Gift Set


The shop have an antic feel in their decoration where their whole shop are cover with gold frame, which also let you think of the great Gatsby which is so elegant and grand. Their tea is pack in metal tin with all kind of sizes. If you want to buy tea as a gift or for your own, here would be the shop they you should pay a visit. They won’t disappoint you for sure. 



If you are facing so much stress during your daily working life, we suggest you to pay a visit to here and enjoy their high tea alone. This will calm your mood and let you think more wisely after that. You also can observe people that pass through their shop which is another way to let you forget about your worries and enjoy the afternoon by yourself. 

1837 TWG Tea Salon & Boutique


3 of them spend almost 3 hours here just for gossiping, taking photo and making fun of each other. This are what a life should be, which is free from worry and stress. 

Selfie by Iphone 5

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique (Pavilion Kuala Lumpur)

电话 Tel60 3-2118 8833
营业时间 Buisness Hours10.00am to 10.00pm
地址 Address 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Level 2, Lot P2.16.00 & 2.34.01)

网站 Website


Line 娃娃与 Pavilion 广场大门新的年装饰。






新年快乐 Happy Chinese New Year 2014 (Take a Break)

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