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My BurgerLab (Seapark, Petaling Jaya)

Shi Gang with My Burger lab

大排场龙的高人气汉堡(My Burger Lab 傍晚五点开门营业,世刚与友人提早一刻钟守候门前。他向我描述,当铁闸门拉开,四面八方的人群蜂拥而上,原本冷清的门口堆满了人潮。前线的的人直奔柜台,而坐在车上等候的人也立即下车进入店内,似乎每个人事前已被委派不同的任务,就等那时辰一到的提示声响起:噼里啪啦噼里啪啦,你负责霸占位子、我负责点餐拿号码牌、他负责往杯子里填满汽水。

My Burger Lab… I believe that most of you had heard about it and even try it for thousands of times already. They start their business at 5pm, but SG and his friend had been waiting there since 4pm. SG says that, once their shutter door are open, people from all around the place start moving toward their shop. In just a second, their shop are full will people that can’t wait to eat their burger. You also can see a phenomena there when you visit their shop, that is everyone have to pre-plan mission once they enter their shop. Some will queue up at the counter to make order; some will grab a place and etc. It is quite fun to see it. 


My Burger Lab are a self-service shop that customers need to queue up themselves to make order, get a number from them  and wait for your burger to get ready. 2 of SG female friend heading to upstairs for get places for them to sit while SG queuing at the counter to make order. P.S, he will not help us to order when he hang out with us. Pity us who always get scolded and beat by him. SG says the queuing time is very long which make him started to feel curious of what make their burger become so famous. 

钱币墙 Drop us a Note

照片墙 Photo Wall

店里的风格简单,桌椅整齐有规律的摆放给我感觉像某办公室的食堂,墙上没有过多的装饰。两个部分是我喜欢的:照片墙和钱币墙(Drop us a Note)。听说你只要把照片传给该餐馆,他们选择后会打印贴在墙上,仔细看,说不定能见到熟人。另一边墙上除了各国的的纸币硬币,还有配上他们「到此一游」的留言和签名。我喜欢这个概念,好玩有趣,若日后变成一片钱漆的墙,一定很吸引人。

Their shop decoration is very simple with tables and chairs which look like a company canteen and also there are some wall art along with it. There are 2 things that Kim likes the most which is photo wall and Drop Us a Note. We heard that if you send your photo to them, they will print it out and stick it on the wall. May be you can give it a try or try to search for your friend when u visits their shop. For the Drop Us a Note, you can’t see the entire note from different country. You can found some note that you didn’t see before there.  If the entire wall is cover with money, it will be very attractive for sure.

Beef Beautiful Mess (Set) RM24.00  (Ala Carte) RM18.00
(Beef, Fried Portabellas, Sunny-side up, Sharp Cheddar)

Chic & Egg dilemma (Set) RM21.50  (Ala Carte) RM15.50
(Fried Chicken, Sharp Cheddar, Egg scellent Salad)

Popeye The Sailorman (Set) RM22.00 (Ala Carte) RM16.00
(Beef, Olive Oil, Spinch, Black Pepper, Egg Yolk)

你可以根据多样式的菜单选择不同口味的汉堡,碳烤面包配上已有的生菜和烘烤樱桃番茄。额外附加RM6.00,可升级为配套,包含炸薯条和无限的苏打水。其实,汉堡的分量有些大,世刚点了三个汉堡(其中两个升级成配套),也是吃得饱饱暖暖。推荐Chic & Egg Dilemma,淡淡的奶香让汉堡的口感变得不那么腻。

They have wide variety of menu to let you choose which burger that you prefer the most. If you pay extra RM6.00, then you can upgrade it into set which comes with fries and bottomless soda drinks. Actually, the burger size is quite big which can make you full easily. 

兔子发箍女郎 —— RED FM 电台 DJ

当天正巧的遇到RED FM电台到此宣传,一个女主持人自High整场带动气氛,分派电影票,分派专辑,只可惜世刚和穿戴兔子发箍女郎的电台主持的无缘,这么多顾客中竟然挑选不中他,要不然我们又有新事物和大家分享。

That day, SG and his friend had bump into RED FM staff that doing road show around there. They are giving out movie ticket, album and other merchandise. But too bad, SG are not chosen by them to stand a chance to win those prizes.  


As we heard from SG, their burger really impresses him a lot. If not, he will not complement their burger nonstop while chatting with Kim. If have chance, 4 of us will pay a visit together and print out our photo to stick on their wall. HAHA!!!

My Burger Lab  (Seapark, Petaling Jaya)

地址 Address: No 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
网站 Website:
营业时间 Buisness Hours5.00pm – 10.15pm (closed on Mondays)

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