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Gala House Restaurant & Cafe (Muntri Street)

Gala House Restaurant & Cafe is located at Muntri Street where there have lots of café and restaurant around there. From the outlook of Gala house, you can see that it have some old Malay kampung house style. With the turquoise color, this makes it look some kind of modern in an old style building. Their building style is also very different with other building around there since most of it is old Chinese building.

Gala House Resraurant & Café 位于槟城古迹咖啡馆积聚的Muntri Street。餐馆外观带有旧式马来甘榜屋的风格,妙的是竹帘从上垂下,红灯笼挂在梁上,却带出华人村庄的人情味,青绿色的木制条纹设计为旧房子融入了现代感。在一条老南洋建筑的街道,Gala House Resraurant & Café就像一颗绿明珠,刚从深海里打捞起来,质朴素雅却特别引人注目。

Once you enter their restaurant, it gives you a very warm and cozy feel. Their restaurant is mainly earth tone color with some splash or red as a pop of color. The things that attract me the most is their Volkswagen counter which is red and white in color. This gives some addition of vintage feel and cuteness to their shop.  Not to forget, their staffs are so friendly and willing to help you with the menu. This make you excited to explore what kind of food are they serving.


Lemon Grass Chicken Skewer RM18.90

The Lemon Grass Chicken Skewer is made from chicken that marinated with mixture of herbs and spices and served with sautéed vegetables and BBQ sauce. The chicken was very moist and flavorful but the down side was the portion is quite small for a normal person.


Lamb Osso Bucco RM44.90

Lamb Osso Bucco is a lamb shank that served with homemade sauce, mesh sweet potato and asparagus. The lamb shank is so well cooked that you can just simply peel off the meat from the bone. Their homemade sauce is quite nice but just tastes a bit oily. For those who love lamb, this is definitely a must try. Even those who don’t dare to eat lamb or those who hate the “funny” smell of lamb, you guys should also give it a try.


Wala-Wala Asparagus RM18.00

Wala-Wala Asparagus is stir fried spaghetti with clams and asparagus. This taste very fresh compare to those spaghetti with tomato or cream sauce. The clams are fresh and the asparagus still remain it crunchiness. But this spaghetti is a little bit under season for our liking. So we decided to add some salt and pepper in it which taste way better after all. 


Kimchi Salmon Spaghetti RM25.00

Kimchi Salmon Spaghetti is korean-italian fusion pasta that served with kimchi and salmon. When it was served, I was quite shocked that the spaghetti was soaked in a broth. This is quite unusual for me to see this kind of spaghetti. But once you taste it, you will not care about it anymore. This taste a little bit spicy and the broth are full of salmon and kimchi flavor. It is really delicious and you never taught this combination is so perfectly match.


Green Curry Pasta with Prawns RM24.00

Green Curry Pasta with Prawns is another must have. This is a fusion of thai-italian pasta which the chef stir fried linguine in Thai green curry sauce and served with pan seared prawns. This is quite spicy compare to Kimchi Salmon Spaghetti. The pan seared prawns are so fresh and the green curry just tastes so good. So this is definitely another must try. 


Tiramisu Kahlua Cake RM14.90

Jack Daniel's Chocolate Cake RM14.90

For those dessert lovers, Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Cake surely will be your favorite. This is a very dense chocolate cake with a splash of Jack Daniel’s. You just can’t resist the temptation of the richness of the chocolate and also the hint of Jack Daniel’s in the cake.

For the Tiramisu Kahlua Cake, it is quite disappointing. The texture of the tiramisu is quite weird that the cream was jelly-like. The sponge cake and the Kahlua were good, just the cream have some serious problem. I really hope that they could change the recipe of their tiramisu cake.

有了开胃菜与主食,当然少不了甜点,Jack Daniel’s巧克力蛋糕适合大众口味,我想一般人都无法抗拒巧克力浓郁的诱惑,包括汶翰。至于另一道甜品,甘露咖啡力娇酒提拉米苏让汶翰失望了,海绵蛋糕和甘露咖啡力娇酒部分是好味的,只是奶油的部分像果冻一样,口感怪异。

Cabernet Sauvignon (Happy Hour) RM58.00

A birthday celebration will not complete without a bottle of wine. All of us have such a great time chit chatting at there while sipping our red wine. 

Overall, the atmosphere of the restaurant was very good. It is very cozy and warm with their friendly staff. The food served was very satisfying and is nicely presented. Regardless of whether you just want to have a cup of coffee with a piece of cake or you have to have a great lunch or dinner with your love one, friends or family, Gala House Restaurant & Café is the choice. So, what are you waiting for?

Gala House Restaurant & Café 的气氛好,环境温暖,服务员的态度情切友善,当然食物也令人满意。无论是独自一人一杯咖啡,与心爱的情人共享午餐晚餐,或是与家人聚会谈心,你都不应该错过这个地方。


Gala House Restaurant & Café

地址 Address: 102, Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
电话 Contact No+604 2613118
网站 Website:
营业时间 Buisness Hours12pm to 12am (OpenDaily)

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