Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Gift Idea 2013 ·「给他」和「给他」的圣诞礼物

It's going to be Christmas again. Have you facing problem on what to buy as a gift for your love one or friend? 

TAKE A BREAK present to you this Christmas gift idea. We believe that with a meaningful gift, it will cherish you Christmas and give surprise to others. So, faster get your red socks fill with the gift that you choose and send it to your love one.


TAKE A BREAK预备了「给他」和「给他」的圣诞礼物建议,因为我们相信一份贴心创意的礼物,将会为这欢乐的节日增添无穷的浪漫与惊喜,快把你的礼物放入红色大袜子里寄出吧。



If you are a t-shirt lover, you gonna love this. This is a black based t-shirt with leather look front panel. This definitely will make you look more chic among your friend. Also leather are so in this season.


2. SK-II Men Starter Kit, RM219, Zalora

Who doesn’t want to have a flawless face? With this SK-II men starter kit, you can get a flawless skin and younger looking appearance just like celebrity. This set contains cleanser, essence and moisturizer which is perfect for who just want to start pampers their face.

谁不想拥有一个无瑕的容颜?美丽靓丽的肌肤给人带来情切的好感,简单的一套SK-II 基本礼品盒,包含洁面乳、精华液和保湿霜,正适合送给开始接触保养品的他。

3. JOHN VARVATOS Artisan Edt 75ml, RM244, Zalora

It is a basic manner that you smell good when you go party or any event. This fragrance reinvents the "splash" feeling by blending state-of-the-art. It comes with classic a citrus and herbal tone that gives a contemporary twist on the traditional cologne. The scent embodies an invigorating citrus explosion woven with modern woody notes. For those who like woody notes fragrance, this is what you looking for. 

John Varvatos Artisan 工匠藤編男性淡香水,光是手工编织外观,混个当代与复古的元素,就标志香水的不俗特性。香味非常清透,前味充满柑橘柠檬香气,中味有点淡淡的花香,最后留下浅浅的木质香气,特别好闻。他若属清新优雅气质,这会是很棒的送礼选择。

4. ASOS Double Strap Leather Satchel, USD 99.82, ASOS

This double strap leather satchel is a must have. This is made from leather and large compartment that you can carry to collage as well. You can either using the top handle for more professional feel or using the adjustable shoulder strap for more relax feel.


5. ASOS Tassel Loafers in Leather, USD 72.60, ASOS

Leather loafer is an all-time classic that all of you should have a pair in your closet. You can simple dress up or dress down with this pair of shoe. Leather loafer will not fail you.




A show stopper dress will make you pop from a party. This nude color dress is gonna looking good in a party among all those black dresses other wear. This is also very classy and not too revealing that will make you look more elegant. So, try this kind of dress for the coming party!


2. SEPHORA COLLECTION - Enchanting Eye Palette, RM80, SEPHORA

For those who loves makeup, this is a must have makeup palette that you should not miss. Let me tell you, this is also a limited edition palette. Who don’t like limited edition stuff? This palette comes with 14 eye shadow shades that you can create lots of look from this. And all the color are so useful and suit every one since it is earth tone color. 



This silver look mixed stone drop earrings with pink and crystal rhinestones is definitely a show stopper. You can just put it with a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Or you also can wear it with a black dress. See how versatile is this pair of earing. So it is a must buy.


4. Model Own Mini Trio Glitters, RM44, LUXOLA

Who don’t like glitter? Girls will never get enough of glitter. This MODELS OWN - Mini Trio Glitters nail polish will just fit you nicely. This comes in 3 shades that you can change it with your mood.


5. KATY PERRY - Killer Queen 100 ml, RM250, SEPHORA 

Everyone wants to be a queen. This katy queen by katy perry definitely will make you feel like queen. This fragrance own the throne in an intoxicatingly and charmingly playful scent fit for royalty. The top notes are dark plum, wild berries and bergamot. Middle notes are red velvet flower, rainbow plumeria and natural jasmine sambac. Bottom notes are cashmeran, natural patchouli heart and liquid praline. Now everyone can be a Queen.

Katy PerryKiller Queen是一款花香与果味调的女用香水,包装灵感来自女王的权杖,华丽的红宝石加上金色瓶盖,散播独一无二,我行我素的女王风范。成为女王不再是每个女人梦寐以求的愿望,只要握着权杖轻按两下,让喷出的香味落在你的迷人的肌肤,每个人都能成为女王。

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