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Hatyai Food Guide 合艾·美食指南

Hatyai Food guide

What come through our mind when we think of Thailand? FOOD!!! This is a 2 days 1 night trip to Hatyai with the purpose of tasting as much food as we can. As you guys know, you can taste all the food in Hatyai in just 2 or 3 days. From hawker stall to restaurants, they serve all kind of food. There are countless food selling there and the down side is our stomach space is limited. Today, we would like to recommend some of the food that we had tried out in Hatyai. If you plan to visit Hatyai, please do not hesitate to refer this as references. We are pleased to share this with you guys.


 Chokdee Dim Sum 

This is the famous dim sum that you should not miss when you visit Hatyai. It is just 6 baht each for all the dim sum display on their counter. The fun part is you get to choose all the dim sum at the counter and they will steam it for you. So basically all their dim sum is still raw when it is display on their counter. But do not worry that it takes too long till you can enjoy your dim sum because it just take around 5 to 10 minutes for all your dim sum to get ready. 


All their dim sum is very delicious but you also have to be careful when you choose your dim sum. Unfortunately, we accidentally choose a bamboo shoots dim sum that taste so yucks. It taste like you are eating crunchy vegetable that soak in urine. By the way, their Thai milk tea is worth a try because it tastes so good.


Last but not least, their bak kut teh is a MUST try when you visit there. You can see everyone have a pot of bak kut teh on their table once you go into their shop. Honestly, we never expect that Thai bak kut teh is so yummy. The bak kut teh also come along with small tiny "油炸鬼" that are so perfectly match with the bak kut teh.


 清姐 Pork Leg Rice 

This locates just a few block beside Chok Dee dim sum. They are famous with their pork leg rice obviously. Their stewed pork leg taste so juicy and succulent. They also serve roasted pork that come in a thin big slice which is totally different way of presentation compare to Malaysia. Other than that, spiced corned egg and pork offal soup is also a must try.


 Gan Eng Restaurant  

They serve variety of Thai cuisine that you can imagine in Thailand. Their shop will become very crowded when it reach dinner time. Although it is very crowded, you do not need to wait for hours to get your food. All the food that we order taste so delicious and the most important is their price is very reasonable. For us, dishes that you should not miss it their “炒椰心” because you can’t easily get this in Malaysia and yet it taste so refreshing. 



Sizzler is a chain restaurant that originally came from United State which serves great quality steak, seafood and salad. They are also renown with their all-you-can-eat salad bar. If you are going to dine in their restaurant, each of you needs to order a course in order to get the all-you-can-eat salad. Their salad bar comes in huge variety of choices. They even serve soups and desserts too. For us, all the food was delicious especially their grilled chicken breast which is mind blowing. Their deep fried pork knuckle also tastes so yummy. The meat is so juicy and cooks just right which is pale pink in color. The entire courses are very big in portion that will make you feel so full.


 Swensens Ice Cream 

You guys will probable think like are you serious? When to Hatyai for Swensens ice cream. This is also what we think of when we visit there. The reason we give it a try because we heard that Thai ice cream is taste better and creamier. And you know what? That’s true. 


 Coconut Ice Cream 

Coconut ice cream in Hatyai is a must try. With their hot weather, a cup of refreshing coconut ice cream help to cool you down. They are sold beside the road just opposite to Lee Garden Hotel. Each cup comes with 2 scoops of coconut ice cream with peanut, nata de coco, sticky rice and sweet potato as topping. They are sold in very reasonable price which is 30 baht per cup. So why not give it a try.

合艾的大热天气,太阳曝晒,来一杯香椰雪糕,清新的味道可以舒畅你的身心,注入新能量,使你活力充沛。摊贩地点在Lee Garden Hotel的对面,每一杯有两勺香椰雪糕,搭配一些花生,巧克力,糯米和山芋,价钱30泰币。

 Gelate Authentic Gelato 

This is a gelato shop that locates inside Lee Garden Plaza. You will not bypass the shop easily since it is just beside the escalator and their shop look so attractive. They serve a huge variety of gelato from refreshing fruit to creamy chocolate. 

Gelato是著名的意大利举世闻名食品,被奉为冰淇淋的经典。地点在Lee Garden Plaza,如果你没仔细注意,你可能会直接绕开这间店就下了电扶梯。冰激凌口味非常多,从各类水果到各类巧克力应有尽有,且卖相吸引人。总之,这雪糕让我回味无穷。

 Bird Nest Soup 

Hatyai is famous with their very cheap bird nest because you can see bird nest soup stall everywhere. We are not sure that all the bird nest that they serve is authentic or not, but since it is so cheap why not give it a try as bird nest give so much benefit to our body. In Hatyai, they serve bird nest soup along with ginseng tea. It is just 100 baht for a bowl of bird nest soup. It’s cheap if it is real.


 Glutinous Rice with Mango 

What a perfect match between mango and glutinous rice. Although it is just a street snack, but you will get full instantly. Fyi, we are a little cray cray about this. The richness of the coconut milk, sweetness of the mango and the bounciness of the glutinous rice just make the chemistry right. This seem like quite easy to do it yourself, may be should find some time to try it at home.


 Jeffer Steak House 

Jeffer Steak House not located in the uptown of Hatyai. If you want to reach there, you need to ride tuk tuk just for the delicious grilled western food. The environment of the restaurant is very cozy with a touch of 70’s feel. It is suitable for friends who go together and have to heart to heart there and their price is very reasonable too. Their specialty is you can choose whatever ingredient that you like and made it as your own signature course. We strongly recommend cheese baked oyster. It just tastes so good and it’s hard to explained in words.

Jeffer Steak House 不在合艾繁忙的地区,我们搭嘟嘟车做了一段距离才抵达,只为了吃这间店的西式烧烤。店里环境不错,七八十年代怀旧风味,适合一群朋友聚会叙旧,价钱公道合理。特别的事尼克任选你喜爱的材料,然后拼成一份西式烧烤餐,推荐奶酪烧牡蛎,口味不凡。


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