Sunday, 1 December 2013

BROWN POCKET (Gurney Paragon Mall)


This is a newly open café that located at Gurney Paragon so we decided to visit there last week. Once we reach, we find a comfortable seats and straight to the counter to order some dessert and drinks. Then we sit at hot places at chill. The environment there is very comfortable and cozy. Kim Yau start to enjoy the environment alone and me and Shi Gang start to tease each other at the other side while waiting for our dessert and drinks to arrive.

生命之树 Tree of Life



When enter their shop, right away you will saw a huge wooden tree at a corner. It is so pretty and amazing that we give the wooden tree a nickname [Tree of Life]. The wooden tree has branches that grew to each side of the shop and decorate with light bulb which resemble life and hope. The wooden tree really attracts us a lot. You can just sit at there and stare at the tree for a very long time.

三重巧克力华夫饼 Triple Chocolate Liege Waffle RM18.90
(Premium ice cream, strawberry and oreo, served with 3 thpes of chocolate sauces)

三重巧克力华夫饼 Triple Chocolate Liege Waffle RM18.90
(Premium ice cream, strawberry and oreo, served with 3 types of chocolate sauces)

夏日抹茶冰激凌 Summer Matcha Ice Dessert RM15.90
(Premium ice cream, kiwi, azuki beans,served with matcha sauces)


We highly recommend their waffle. We had order their Triple Chocolate Liege Waffle that come a long with 3 different chocolate sauces. Besides that, it also has a scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with fresh cream and garnish with some strawberry and a oreo. Their waffle is thick yet crispy. When you going to start enjoy your waffle, we suggest you to try the chocolate sauces first before you pour it on your waffle. Everyone have different taste palate so try the richness of the chocolate sauces first and see how much you would like to have it with your waffle. The next dessert we order is Summer Matcha Ice Dessert. Their matcha ice cream is very rich and flavorful. But the down side is the crush ice under is froze together that you can’t enjoy the fluffiness of the crush ice. We think they should make some adjustment on that.

左边 Left: 印度奶茶 Chai Latte RM10.90(Hot), RM11.90(Cold)

经典巧克力 Classic Chocolate RM10.90(Hot), RM11.90(Cold)
(Dark, Milk, White)

饮料的选择多样,喝了杯带颗粒的鲜果汁,苹果加葡萄(RM12.90,也点了杯经典巧克力,味道顺滑舒服,比一般巧克力好多了,口味和杯子的量对比,觉得这两者价钱有些小小的偏高。值得一提的是,朋友靠着名字随意点了Chai Latte,回来查看是印度香料奶茶,我们都喝不惯,味道有些怪异,喜欢新鲜感的人绝对不能错过。


They have wide variety of beverages. We had ordered apple grape juice, Classic Chocolate and also Chai Latte. Classic Chocolate is very rich and smooth. It definitely tastes better than other hot chocolate out there. Their Classic Chocolate is serving in a cup that looks like jam jar or candy jar. But the price is a bit on high side with the small serving. For the Chai Latte, it tastes a bit weird for us since we are not used to the taste. For your information, Chai is a kind of spices that originating in South Asia. For those who like to try new things, you should not miss this.

At the counter, you can clearly see their stuff preparing all the desserts and beverages there. Their staffs are very friendly and always smile to you. This is a perfect café for you to take a break.  You can just have some relaxing time here without worry about your jobs. 

BROWN  POCKET  ( Level 6 Lot 11, Gurney Paragon Mall)
地址 Address: Jalan Kelawei, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
电话 Contact No042189668

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