Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hatyai Food Guide 合艾·美食指南

Hatyai Food guide

What come through our mind when we think of Thailand? FOOD!!! This is a 2 days 1 night trip to Hatyai with the purpose of tasting as much food as we can. As you guys know, you can taste all the food in Hatyai in just 2 or 3 days. From hawker stall to restaurants, they serve all kind of food. There are countless food selling there and the down side is our stomach space is limited. Today, we would like to recommend some of the food that we had tried out in Hatyai. If you plan to visit Hatyai, please do not hesitate to refer this as references. We are pleased to share this with you guys.


Friday, 29 November 2013

MADE IN PENANG - Interactive Museum 美因槟榔


这一股热潮至今还未停止,却衍生新的形式——十一月开张的Made In Penang Interactive Museum(美因槟榔3D博物馆),中文名字音译Made In Penang,美丽是因为槟榔屿。

As you guys know, Penang had been fill with “Mirror Georgetown” mural which aroused many attention to the cultural heritage zone. You can’t say that you had visit Penang if you did not take photo with the famous “sibling riding bicycle” or   “rail comic art”. It just feels like you are missing something else. Later, more mural began to appear, some in the restaurant, some in their own doors. Even there are 101 missing cat street arts which require you to find all those cat in the heritage area.  Coexistent of art and development is a good thing, but when it became too much, traveller’s focus will shifted from watching heritage to all the colorful mural art.  

The craze has not yet stopped, this emerge into new forms. That is Made In Penang Interactive Museum that opened at November.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

客家山寨 Balik Pulau Lodge


Since this is our first blog post , we are going to write about Balik Pulau Lodge. Although we had been there during august, but we still feel that it is so meaningful for us. You know why?  Because their boss share our photo in her Facebook and give us a good compliment. Haha!!! For those who haven’t visit there before, they will think that it will be some sort of minority villages or even there will have some martial art master that stay in it. And with the word “山寨”, we can stop our self to think that there will be a home ground for bandit. But no worry, it is completely opposite to what you’re belief when u visits there. 

Because of their feature “吃在山寨、住在山寨、玩在山寨”, we decide to have a visit. But before that we already make reservation with them for lunch, if not lunch will not be served. Then on the Saturday morning, we depart to Hakka village with simply a GPS and their address. 

Along the road, you will feel like you are going to lost in the middle of nowhere.  The road is slowly become twist and turn and become one way after u make a turn before the mosque. At last, we feel so relief when we saw their sign board. After that, we have to park our car at the parking space that they provide and wait for their car to arrive. 

There are 2 options for you to choose: 1) sit their car to reach the village 2) by your own trusty legs. We choose to sit their car since we all are so lazy and don’t want to sweat like hell. We have to much fun during the ride because the road are so bumpy. It feels like we are riding roller coaster. If you choose to walk by your own, the distance is about 1km and you need approximately 30min to reach. 
YOLO (In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on)