Saturday, 4 March 2017

吴哥窟 Angkor Cambodia - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Cambodia

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小吴哥(Angkor Wat)的日出宁静平和,震慑心灵,五彩朝霞和千年建筑的轮廓与荷花池的倒影,弥漫着苏醒的气息,旅人像是朝圣,用生命来等待天地甦醒的瞬间,为给旅途留下美好的回忆。在巴肯山(Phnom Bakheng)看日落,站在历史的高度感受夕阳余晖下曾经辉煌一时的过去。日升日落,在这文明古国显得特别庄严颓残,像我们经历生活的起落高低后那么平静。

塔普伦寺里(Ta Prohm)的千年老树将庙紧紧缠绕盘踞,充满着千年不倒的生命力;塔高寺(Ta Keo)朴拙未经雕刻,石阶陡峭又狭窄,攀爬过了让人心生敬畏和敬意;巴杨寺(Bayon Angkor Thom)的金碧辉煌已成一片灰蒙蒙的石堆,多座高棉的微笑在阳光下让人安心,如朵朵莲花静静绽放。最后分享蒋勳《吴哥之美》的一句话,想到这段旅程就从心底记起美——因为微笑,文明不会消失。

Watching sunrise at Angkor Wat is one of the things that you need to do once in your life time. It is very impressing and breath taking when you watch the sun slowly shines thru the thousand years old monument. The reflecting of the sun and Angkor Wat in the lotus pond makes it even worth waking up so early for this moment. The thousand years old trees that grow around the Ta ProHm temple is so stunning. You can see how tough are those tree that they live for thousand years there and slowly merge themselves with the temple. 

Ta Keo is a temple that do not have any sculpture on it. The staircase is very steep and narrow which takes us quite sometimes to climb to the top. Bayon temple is where the famous smiling stone faces located. You can imagine that Bayon temple is so resplendent during the old times. Although we are very tired of walking all day long to visit the temples in the small circle, for sure it is worth it. By watching all the beautiful sculpture on the temple and the details that they put in building the temple is just blown our mind.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

GOOD Weather 好天气 | This is how we do... February 2017

Hello February Spring Day

I believe in process. I believe in four seasons.
I believe that winter's tough, but spring's coming.
I believe that there's a growing season.
And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. You get better.

--- Steve Southerland

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Little Journeyman Café Penang

Little Journeyman Café Penang


瑞克雷乳酪配脆皮马铃 Raclette on Crispy Potatoes 是招牌菜,厨把瑞克雷烤后,现场刮在烘烘的马铃薯上。乳酪的口感密,厚厚的奶香着咸咸的味道,沾着马铃薯入口,味相当独特。吞拿和咸意大利面 Salted Fish & Tuna Linguine Pasta 的食材配搭有趣,不同次的咸香和美会在你口里化开,推荐咸口味的人。帕尼尼猪肉三明治 Pulled Pork Panini 的手撕猪肉香料郁,也很嫩入味,配上意式面包的松脆,吃起来确令人足。

Little journeyman is located at heritage area which needed some effort to search for it. The interior design is simple yet elegant. Everything inside is so harmony and give you a relaxing vibes. Due to our hectic working schedule, we seldom meet each other for a while. Since it is Chinese New Year, we grab on this opportunity to meet up. Every meet up is so precious for us.  This is the time where we update what’s going on in our life and mostly we will be joking around and have FUN!!!

Raclette on Crispy Potatoes is their signature dishes which makes Little Journeyman so popular. The melted raclette cheese is served on your table where the chef will scrap the cheese onto the potato. The cheese taste a little salty and milky. The combination of cheese and baked potato is simply genius. Salted Fish & Tuna Linguine Pasta is another interesting dish. They use salted fish as their main ingredient and make the pasta taste so good. This is recommended to people who like salty food a lot. Pulled Pork Panini taste good too. The pork is so soft and together with the sauce that full with spices makes it taste even better. We really satisfied with our lunch that day and it’s a good start for our day.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

LIVING the Dream 理想生活 | This is how we do... January 2017

2017, Better things are coming


 ——三毛 《雨季不再来》